Once open call is done, students interested in send by e-mail a document with a detailed explanation and purpose of the experiment. The jury chooses the best proposals based on their originality, feasibility and scientific rigor. The winning student groups continue with preliminary calculations and the design of the experiment, with the supervision of a Professor in Physical Engineering at the UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya).

One Sunday in April, students and tutors made the first visit to Tibidabo to obtain data and anticipate potential problems. During the following weeks the students finish the construction of the final experiment, looking for material and equipment as needed.

On the experimental day, all groups return to Tibidabo. Each group carry out the experiment and obtain data while solving problems that may arise, as in all scientific action. Afterwards, working the data and analyzing the results, students write the first preliminary document. The activity ends in summer once the “scientific article” is approved by the Professor.